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  As one of America’s leading philanthropists at work today, Lois Pope has changed thousands of lives through her unwavering commitment to assisting a broad array of individuals with their diverse needs. Holding the courageous service of America’s armed forces veterans close to her heart, Mrs. Pope is currently leading an initiative to construct a new veterans memorial across from the U.S. Botanic Garden in Washington, D.C. A former Broadway performer, Mrs. Pope assists several arts organizations. She has also made significant contributions to medical research and other pressing causes, such as humanitarian relief and animal welfare. To learn more about Lois Pope, please visit the About section of this website.
Philanthropic Work: Past, Present, and Future
Over the years, Lois Pope has served as the motivating force behind the creation of many notable charities. In this way, she has positively impacted individuals at the local, national, and international levels.

For 16 years, Lois Pope funded a summer camp program through her nonprofit organization Leaders in Furthering Education (LIFE). Through this program, more than 14,000 children from areas that are underserved earned the opportunity to attend a daily summer program over the course of an entire summer. The LIFE program helped to ensure that these children enjoyed a healthy and fun learning environment under adult supervision, enriching their education and lowering the chance that participants would engage in dangerous activities while unsupervised during the summer months.

In 1996, Lois Pope made public a donation of $10 million to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine’s Neuroscience Research Programs. The funds enabled the construction of the Lois Pope LIFE Center, a research and clinical facility focusing on the cure and treatment of neurological diseases and spinal cord injuries.
Today, among her many philanthropic endeavors, Lois Pope works tirelessly toward the establishment of a memorial commemorating the extraordinary service accorded the United States by its veterans. Motivated by the needs of veterans since she performed in a benefit show for veterans during her career on Broadway more than four decades ago, Lois Pope founded the Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation in 1998. Through the organization, Mrs. Pope has successfully campaigned for the passage of a bill by Congress to allow the establishment of the monument. She has recently helped to secure unanimous approval from the National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission to locate the memorial on a beautiful site with a clear view to the U.S. Capitol, so that Congressmen and women will always remember the tremendous sacrifices of these heroes.
In the future, Lois Pope aims to continue to raise funds and support for the Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation. The projected completion and dedication date for the monument is Veteran’s Day 2012. For the latest news on the Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation, please see the Links section.
Events and News
  - Honorary Doctor of Laws, Chestnut Hill
  - Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters,
  Rabbinical College of America
  Lois Pope has received many other prestigious distinctions from notable organizations such as Veterans of Foreign Wars and City of Hope, among others.
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