Lois Pope and Her Dogs

Lois Pope

Lois Pope rescues homeless and abused dogs.
She plans to start raising money for the American Humane Association in the near future.

Name: Fearless Falcon
Age: 1
Bio: “Fearless” Falcon earned
his nickname after routine tightrope
acts on the backyard wall. At 90
pounds, Falcon is part poodle
and part “large dog.”
Name: Mini Me
Age: 9
Name: Penelope “Penny”
Age: 3
Bio: A fancy name for
an un-fancy dog.
Name: Limbeau
Bio: When Limbeau first came
home he was covered with
fleabites and was very sick.
He has since fully recovered
and is happy and healthy in
his new environment.
Name: Taj
Age: 5
Bio: Taj never barks
Name: Phillipe
Age: 3
Bio: Phillipe is another
rescue dog that Lois could
not turn away.
Name: Romeo
Age: 10
Name: Poirot
Age: 7
Bio: Poirot was found in a pet shop. When he first came home he suffered from a terrible cough that kept Lois up at night. Poirot always looks for the highest position possible. (look where he’s sitting in the picture!).
Name: Little Girl
Bio: A gypsy by nature, Little
Girl enjoys sleeping under her
owner’s bed at night. Most nights
only her head is visible.
Name: Tosca
Age: 10
Bio: Tosca is a shelter dog
that only eats every other
day and burps when she finishes.
Other dogs stay away from the
food bowls when Tosca dines.
Name: Principessa
Bio: Lois took in Principessa
from a local rescue
Name: Lil Bear
Age: 2
Bio: Lil Bear suffered an abusive
past before living with Lois.
Name: Yoshi
Age: 4
Bio: Yoshi was found in a pet
shop in Lexington, New York.
Name: Aida
Age: 2
Bio: Aida lived in an
abusive home before Lois
rescued her.