DVLMF: The Disabled Veterans Memorial Tour

This video, produced by the Disabled Veterans’ Life Memorial Foundation (DVLMF), describes the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, which is to be erected in Washington, D.C., to celebrate the sacrifices of veterans who have had their lives permanently changed in the course of service to our country. Lois Pope, co-founder and chairwoman of the DVLMF, speaks to the importance of this memorial, which was approved in 2006 and is currently in the fundraising stage. When completed, the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial will take up two acres near Independence Avenue and next to the National Mall. Conceived by architect Michael Ferguson, the memorial will feature a star-shaped fountain with a fire at its center as well as a reflective pool. It will be bordered by American elm, ginkgo, and cypress trees. The video shown here includes a mock-up of the monument.

American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial Groundbreaking

This video, the first of four parts, shows the C-SPAN network reporting on the groundbreaking ceremony for the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial. It begins with the arrival of the flag and the singing of the national anthem before proceeding to a series of presentations by distinguished individuals. The Master of Ceremonies for the event, Anthony Principi, begins by giving thanks to the many individuals who have contributed to the realization of the memorial, including Lois Pope and the rest of the DVLMF, Congressman Mike Rogers, and Representative Nancy Pelosi, among others. Principi speaks to the symbolic importance of the memorial, as the first tribute to veterans with permanent disabilities and a way of reminding future generations of their sacrifice. He also highlights the fact that some 3 million American veterans are currently disabled as a result of their service. Next, the Veterans Association Chaplain gives a prayer for those veterans who were disabled during their time in the military. Subsequently Rep. Pelosi rises to speak on the significance of the occasion, rounding out the first part of the video series. The entirely ceremony can be seen on YouTube.

A Public Service Announcement with Author Maya Angelou

In this short video, author Maya Angelou speaks about the importance of the American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial and how the sacrifices of veterans have impacted her life. The video also shows many stirring images of veterans disabled in American wars, from history to the present day. This brief PSA ends with a call for donations and contact information for the DVLMF.

Lady in Red Gala (highlight)

LIFE's ‘Lady in Red’ Gala

More than 500 supporters of LIFE gathered December 1, 2012 at The Mar-a-Lago Club, Palm Beach for The 19th annual "Lady in Red" Gala, a Night of Stars. This traditional kick-off to the Palm Beach social season was a spectacular success with celebrities, local dignitaries and socialites gathering to raise funds for LIFE's partnership with American Humane Association.